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The Next Chapter Starts With Senior Living That Feels Like Home

We strive to provide the best quality care for our senior citizens within an atmosphere that contains all the comforts of home.

At Golden Age, caring is what we do best! We stand by the belief that residents come first. We make every effort to ensure that each and every resident’s stay is comfortable and his or her wishes are met.

We offer a variety of senior living options.

Our team provides personalized, around-the-clock care for our residents as needed. We tailor every care plan to each residents’ needs and preferences as we create a safe, welcoming, supportive environment.

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities can help seniors manage their medication and eat a balanced and well-prepared diet.

Independent Living

You can make special memories as you redefine the meaning of senior moments through independent living.

Memory Care

Our memory care communities provide a comfortable place for people living with memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease.

Medication Management

Many senior living communities offer medication management to seniors who take multiple medications for various health issues.

Respite Care

Respite care can give you a much-needed break. Our trained professionals take over your caregiving duties, ultimately making you a better caretaker.

Our Vision

The effects of memory loss on daily life are emotionally challenging for seniors and their families, and we understand that the decision to turn to an assisted living facility can feel difficult. Our collaborative, communicative, and compassionate staff members take a highly specialized approach to memory care services for seniors living with dementia and Alzheimer’s or those who simply need extra support with the activities of daily living.

Through a collaborative effort between the resident, family, and care team, we put the resident’s well-being first and allow them to feel the most comfort and least amount of confusion possible throughout their golden years. Get peace of mind knowing that your loved one has attentive care in a secure environment that promotes mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.

Residents and their families work with our trained professionals to create a supportive environment and schedule, including:

Safe living areas with amenities

Seniors safety is a process that should be in place whether a senior lives in a full service senior living facility or an independent living community. In Golden Age we make sure to keep your senior residents safe and secured.

Special Activities

Every day, we learn more and more about the importance of assisted living homes to our aging loved ones. In Golden Age we empower our senior resident to age with dignity and respect in a safe and nurturing environment.

Flexible Programs

The independent living community is a safe and happy place where people who are aging in place can come together and enjoy their golden years. Find out what life is like in an Independent Living Community.

Custom Dining Options

Our family Like settings is a multi-purpose guide that helps elders create a warm and loving environment. We find great recipes to help make this transition easier for your loved ones in maintaining their interests.

Professional Medication Management You Can Trust

Most older adults have prescription medication that needs daily administration. We understand that diligent medication management affects the decision about the right senior living community for yourself or a loved one. That’s why our trained medical staff can ensure safety and compliance while overseeing medication administration to each resident as medically required.

  • Simplify the administration of prescription drugs

  • Integrate directly with your pharmacy

  • Provide real-time pharmaceutical support

Why Choose Us for Senior Living

We believe that an assisted living facility should provide individualized, nurturing care at all stages of aging. Assisted living is not a nursing home. Residents live in private rooms or apartment-like suites with their own furniture in a home-like environment.

Our staff holds to the highest standards of care while still encouraging you to feel a sense of independence and maintain privacy. We can provide variable levels of care with activities of daily living (ADL), depending on your needs. Nurses and caregivers are available to assist with daily medication, nutrition, and wellness needs.

Residents in our facility have ongoing professional support whenever they need it. We schedule social activities to encourage bonding with fellow residents. We also provide families with important updates so they never lose their connection with their loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can we tour?2023-07-12T16:04:11+00:00

For the best experience, feel free to call us at 602-439-7307 to schedule a tour at a time that works for you.

How do we choose the most appropriate level of care or living situation?2023-07-12T16:03:47+00:00

Every person’s situation is unique and may continue to change as time progresses, which makes it difficult to evaluate these questions. Thankfully, we have extremely knowledgeable advisors that can guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have.

How do we choose the right community?2023-07-12T16:03:29+00:00
Do the residents have access to telephone and television?2023-07-12T16:02:48+00:00

Phone and television are available in each room. Cable TV is provided and free of charge.

Are there ways to participate in activities and meet people?2023-07-12T16:02:37+00:00

Yes, we encourage the residents’ involvement by offering them a variety of planned and independent activities. A calendar of events will keep them informed of special events. Individual activities include cards, games, crafts, live music, outgoings, pet therapy, holiday celebrations, and much more! We provide mental and physical activities dedicated to maintaining the highest level of wellbeing.

May the residents bring personal things from home?2023-07-12T16:02:23+00:00

We encourage the residents to personalize the room with items of their choice.

How often are showers given?2023-07-12T16:02:10+00:00

Showers are scheduled twice a week, and more frequently upon request.

How many meals do the residents receive each day and at what times are they scheduled?2023-07-12T16:01:53+00:00

We provide three meals a day, home made, prepared according to everyone’s individual needs. Breakfast is at 8 a.m., lunch at noon and supper at 5 p.m.

When are your visiting hours?2023-07-12T16:01:34+00:00

We encourage friends and family to visit daily between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. However, residents may have visits at any time.

What is included in the monthly rate?2023-07-12T16:01:15+00:00

The monthly rate includes: a private or semi-private room, three meals a day including snacks, assistance with activities of daily living, laundry and housekeeping services, medication management, social activities, and specific transportation needs.

What is the cost?2023-07-12T16:00:53+00:00

Rates vary accordingly to the level of care needed. Please give us a call at (602) 439-7307 or fill out the form to request further information.

Does medicare/medicaid or insurance pay for any of the costs?2023-07-12T16:00:32+00:00

Assisted Living services must be paid privately unless you have long term care insurance that covers part or all of your assisted living stay.

What types of care are available at Golden Age?2023-07-12T16:08:19+00:00

Assisted Living and memory care are available at our residential care homes.


We cannot adequately express how pleased we are with the personal attention you showed our mother. You treated her as a member of your family, with dignity and respect.
Brad & Bert T.
The care my father received from the Istrate’s was excellent. That was the only place where he was comfortable. They provided me with peace of mind. They always took the time to listen to my father and were patient with him. I will always be grateful to them.
Jay H.

We had mom in a top tier assisted living facility prior to moving her to the Pinnacle Peak home. At the assisted living faculty she was not getting the care she needed, and never went out of her apartment for anything – meals, socialization, etc. We knew mom needed better care so thru our geriatric care manager we found Pinnacle Peak home. From the very beginning Gabriella and her team set out to get mom to socialize and take part in activities. She has become much more of her old self taking part in games, art activities, and the other social activities they offer. She is also eating her meals now in the dining room rather than in her apartment alone like she was in the assisted living. Gabriella and her team also work well with Sage Hospice who are doing mom’s care now. She is getting much better timing with her meds, and they have been using great discretion with some of the as needed meds so as to not overmedicate her. Her room there is very spacious and had enough room for her recliner and bistro table and chairs. It is also well lit with natural light and decorated nicely. Gabriella also does a great job keeping us up to date, sending photos and videos. We work remote and are not in the valley full time during the summer so that is great to get. I would highly recommend Pinnacle Peak Group Home to anyone without hesitation.

Tim W.

Gabriela has a wonderful reputation providing a caring environment for the seniors living at her homes and their families she communicates so well with. She is involved, attentive and works diligently to creative the best possible solutions for her residents. I couldn’t be more pleased with the overall successes we have had working together over the years.

Linda O.

We chose Golden Age for my mom to reside in during her last years. This was a great choice! Gabriella was and is a wonderful person and very caring and professional. Mom was very happy there and we felt that she was always in a caring and safe environment. Gabriella always went above and beyond to care for mom and try to accommodate her needs. I highly recommend Golden Age.

Randy B.

I feel that your home – the care, the time, the music, the food – all make everyone feel like they have a second family. The residents are not just people you care for, but your extended family.

Kathy G.

We had an incredible experience with our mom living in the golden age residence! Gabriela and her staff were professional and took care of our mom like family!😊

Ana H.
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