Golden Age Residential Care

We had mom in a top tier assisted living facility prior to moving her to the Pinnacle Peak home. At the assisted living faculty she was not getting the care she needed, and never went out of her apartment for anything – meals, socialization, etc.

We knew mom needed better care so thru our geriatric care manager we found Pinnacle Peak home. From the very beginning Gabriella and her team set out to get mom to socialize and take part in activities. She has become much more of her old self taking part in games, art activities, and the other social activities they offer. She is also eating her meals now in the dining room rather than in her apartment alone like she was in the assisted living.

Gabriella and her team also work well with Sage Hospice who are doing mom’s care now. She is getting much better timing with her meds, and they have been using great discretion with some of the as needed meds so as to not overmedicate her.

Her room there is very spacious and had enough room for her recliner and bistro table and chairs. It is also well lit with natural light and decorated nicely.

Gabriella also does a great job keeping us up to date, sending photos and videos. We work remote and are not in the valley full time during the summer so that is great to get.

I would highly recommend Pinnacle Peak Group Home to anyone without hesitation.